Future Food Horizons 2014
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6th-7th November- NoWFOOD Centre, Chester


Kathy Groves

Kathy graduated in Biochemistry at the University of London and joined Leatherhead Food Research as a food microscopist. Kathy has over 30 years’ experience in the food microscopy field, covering research into a wide range of food products including protein functionality, meat product quality, emulsions and confectionery products, as well as product contamination and troubleshooting. Kathy specializes in methods to relate the structures of foods to their sensory and physical properties. She has recently worked with the Food Standards Agency and Defra on methods to detect mechanically separated meat and has presented on nanotechnology in food to the Government.

Kathy is a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society and a Member of the Institute of Food Science & Technology.

About Kathy

Talk: Structuring Ingredients and Thoughts on Food Product Design for the Future

The taste, texture, appearance and shelf-life of food products rely on a delicate balance of ingredients and processing to create the microstructure that determines these essential Consumer properties. The shape, density, and size of the ingredients are important in the way they behave in the process and create the structures in the food. Examples of the role of ingredients in foods at the micro and nano level will be given and thoughts on how changes to these might help in the design of healthier foods or new food sensations will be presented.