Future Food Horizons 2014
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6th-7th November- NoWFOOD Centre, Chester


Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison, the Operations Director of C-Tech Innovation, is a Chemical Engineer who has worked in the development of a wide range of electro-technologies such as Ohmic heating, and the radio frequency and microwave processing of foods for drying, melting, pasteurising, etc for almost 30 years.  His particular expertise includes process mixing and heat transfer, with a particular focus on food and waste processing.  Michael has been involved in the development of processing equipment for a wide range of industries including food, biotech and agriculture and is currently a member of the NoWFOOD steering group.

About Michael

Talk: Novel Food Processing Technologies

Michael's talk will focus on a number of food processing techniques which, whilst developed several years ago, have not found their full potential in food production and are still considered novel;  - RF defrosting, Ohmic heating and vacuum processing.  In particular he will examine some recent developments relating to these technologies which should cause these technologies to make a bigger impact in the future.