Future Food Horizons 2014
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6th-7th November- NoWFOOD Centre, Chester


Mebs Surve


About Mebs

Mebs Surve has an Honours degree in Analytical Chemistry, an MSc in Biosensors and a DPhil in Capillary Electrophoresis. In 1994, he then went on to pursue a career in international sales and marketing in the analytical and life science instrumentation sector promoting the separation sciences as well as genomics, proteomic and high throughput screening. In 2006, he joined York based company, Paraytec as Business Development Director. He project managed and successfully launched the ActiPix UV area imaging technology which won international acclaim when it was launched at PittCon in 2007, winning the silver award for best new product. This technology is now being licensed by Malvern and Sirius Ltd for targeted applications.


In 2011, Dr Surve formed Swift Analytical, a business development, sales, marketing and PR consultancy specialising in the analytical and life science sector.


As a lifetime halal practitioner and consumer, Dr Surve is passionate about promoting halal for all its positive attributes. He has recently formed Lab Halal in partnership with the Institute of Food Science and Innovation at the University of Chester. In addition, Dr Surve will play a leading role in forming Europe's first Centre for Halal Science Research within the Institute of Food Sciences which will focus on increasing awareness and research around halal products, formulations and practices.

Talk: Halal Market Opportunities - Beyond Pork and Alcohol

The global halal food industry is currently valued at over one trillion dollars, and is further expanding to cosmetic and medicine sectors. This is to meet the requirements of Muslims who currently make up 23% of the global population, estimated to rise to 27% by 2030.

Most big brands have already recognized the long term and sustainable opportunities this presents and are actively factoring this into their strategic marketing and product development plans.

In this presentation, we aim to clarify what constitutes halal (permissible) from haram (not permissible) for the Muslim community. We will also identify the major markets which are currently being targeted by different sectors and what is required from new brands to enter this highly lucrative market.

We will also introduce how the Food Science and Innovation Institute at the University of Chester is taking a lead in Europe and beyond by establishing a Specialised Diets Unit, which will also host Halal as one of the first Centres of Excellence. We will also provide a case study of how a new venture, LabHalal, is being established with the support of the Food Science and Innovation Institute.