Future Food Horizons 2014
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6th-7th November- NoWFOOD Centre, Chester


Nicole Patterson-Lett

Nicole is part of the Strategic Insight team, having started life at Leatherhead working on consumer & trade research in 2005.  She manages qualitative and quantitative research studies both in the UK and internationally.  Nicole's recent primary research projects include consumer attitudes to science and nanotechnology, nutrition and health claims, clean labelling and the ethical consumer, together with product specific client research.  Her role includes facilitating workshops with industry and moderating consumer focus groups. She regularly speaks at conferences, webinars and training courses, publishes research articles and has contributed book chapters.

About Nicole

Talk: The Consumer View

What constitutes food innovation to the consumer may not be what 'industry' considers food innovation to be.  Do consumers perceive some categories of food and drink more innovative than others and who in the consumers mind is the driving force in food innovation – is it the big national companies or the local/independent ones? 

These questions on innovation I will address with not just a UK consumer sample, but also consumers from Russia; a major developing economy.   Science is undoubtedly a key enabler of food innovation – but how does this sit with UK consumers who aspire to natural?   Are consumers aware of science in food and how do they feel about it? Ultimately, what do consumers want innovation in food to do for them?


After graduating, Nicole's research experience spans IT, sport and leisure, tourism and consumer products.  She holds an MRS accreditation for focus group moderation, and MRS Certificates in Qualitative Research, Business Management and Marketing.

In her spare time Nicole is a competitive Ironman triathlete, so the development and the function of food span both a work and lifestyle interest.