Future Food Horizons 2014
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6th-7th November- NoWFOOD Centre, Chester


Qasim Chaudhry

Dr. Qasim Chaudhry is a Principal Research Scientist and an Advanced Research Fellow at the UK’s Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera). Dr. Chaudhry has academic background in chemistry and biochemical toxicology, with over 30 year experience in leading scientific R&D into risk assessment of chemicals and nanomaterials. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and holds a visiting Chair at the University of Chester (UK). At Fera, he leads research into risk assessment of chemicals and nanomaterials, and the use of new alternative methods to obtain toxicological data.

About Qasim

Talk: Nanotechnology and Food

The new technological developments in nanosciences and nanotechnologies are promising to bring a lot of innovation to the food and allied sectors, and have been projected to revolutionise whole of the food chain. At the same time, the use of certain nanomaterials in food products has raised concerns in regard to the safety of consumer health. Due to the very small particle dimensions and other distinctive properties, the use of nanomaterials in food products faces a number of challenges – e.g. in regard to detection in food products, assessment of safety, consumer acceptance, etc. This presentation will discuss the known and projected applications of nanotechnology for food and related sectors, and highlight the main challenges in regard to such applications.


In addition to his work at Fera, Dr. Chaudhry provides expert advice as a member to the European Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) on risk assessment of chemical substances and nanomaterials in cosmetic products, and to the Scientific Committee of the European Food Safety Authority to support EFSA's work on risk assessment in relation to food and feed safety. He is author/co-author of over 50 scientific publications that include research papers, book/ book chapters, reviews, popular articles. He has also contributed to numerous EU scientific opinions, memoranda, and guidance notes, etc.